Legion X


LEGION X is an NFT collection of 7,070 X Panthers with lore building mechanics and immersive free to play 2D space-shooter living on the Ethereum block chain.

It is a space where players will take part in the colonization of a distant resource-rich planet vying for control over the map, while enjoying a variety of game play mechanics from ship repair to space exploration and PVP game play.



The Panthers' Legend

Galactic Heroes, A Status Well Earned By The X Panthers Who Were Chosen To Rule Their Planet Cosmo And The Orbiting Planets Along Astradust Galaxy, After Bringing Peace And Order To The Different Species Living Within.

After Decades Of Peace, A Troublesome Species, Motivated By Greed And Jealousy, Summoned Rogue Aliens To Help Them Wage War Against The Heroes In An Attempt To Take Over The Throne.

As The Valiant Guardians Of Their Galaxy, The X Panthers Sent Their Loyal Legion To Battle The Aliens And The Traitors And Shield The Galaxy From Their Wrath. A Massive Battle Took Place In Space, And Although Outnumbered, The X Panthers Showed True Courage And Unleashed A Secret Weapon That Turned The Tide In Their Favor, Shattering The Alien SpaceCrafts And Destroying Their Plans To Wreak Havoc.


Order Was Restored To The Galaxy And The Royal Legion Claimed Victory. But Despite The Epic Triumph, the X Panthers could Never Thrive On a Single Victory alone. To Secure Stardust, The Legion Went On A Planet-Hopping Spree, Scouting Alien Camps Near And Far. Hours Of Coalition Fighting Signaled Doom For The Enemy. Planets Were Rid Of Latent, Malefic Forces, Waiting To Be Unleashed.

On Their Quest, The X Panthers Discovered Crypto Galaxy Where They Landed On Planet Eth After Noticing Massive Energy Spikes and, Determined To Continue Their Mission, The Legion Started Harnessing The Eth Energy To Refuel Their Spaceships And Launch Themselves To The Moon.



Mission 1

The Legion X Panthers will be released into space and jumpstart the galactic expedition that awaits them.

Mission 2

$Legion coin and utility NFT airdrops commencement. The First 2,000 holders will be given access to a free mint of a Legion X Series 2 collection on the Solana blockchain.

Mission 3

Flex your fandom and expand the ways of standing out within a community with the cosmic Legion X merch store.

Mission 4

Charity auctions and events will be held with major NGOs such as UNHCR, Panthera, NPCA, and Four Paws International.

Mission 5

Staking begins, and holders are rewarded with $Legion, the driving force behind the Legion. Holders can participate in lore-building games shaping the tides of fate and engrave their names on the pillars of Legion history.

Mission 6

Release of the X Saga, holding the panther’s notable great deeds and achievements. Honorable panthers will go down in the hall of fame, forever etched on the blockchain.

Mission 7

Our Play-and-earn game kicks in. Space shooting game with spaceship customization, weapons acquisition, gear elevation, and garage access. Player-owned virtual assets allow players to mint their creations.

Mission 8

Listing $Legion on Uniswap and various de-fi protocols.



(500 NFTs)

Born From A Fusion Of Magic And Technology, They Are The Wise Rulers Of Astradust Galaxy.


(1,000 NFTs)

Chosen For Their Strength And Phenomenal Discipline, They Lead The Royal Legion With Unmatched Bravery.


(5,570 NFTs)

They’re Strong And Fearless, Always Ready For Battle And unafraid To Break Some Rules to protect their galaxy. Careful! NO SECOND CHANCES WITH A RAGING PANTHER.

Native Panthers

Unleash Your Panther


Your X Panther Will serve as Your Bridge To The Metaverse And Will Give You Access To An Exclusive Community Where You Can Benefit From Play To Earn Games as well as other Utilities.

You Will Be Able To Mint An X Panther On Our Website. For The Latest Information On Our Artist Drops And To Engage In Conversations About Them, Follow Us On Discord, Twitter And Instagram.

We Support Metamask, The Most Popular Wallet For Desktop & Mobile Versions.

ERC-721 A Smart Contract On The Ethereum Blockchain & Hosted On Ipfs.

2,000 Members Born Under A Lucky Star Will Be Eligible For A Pre-Sale Spot. Make Sure Not To Miss The Pre-Sale Announcement! To Earn Your Spot, Follow Us On Discord And Twitter.

Pre-Sale 14 July and Public-Sale 17 July at 16:00 UTC

The Collection Will Be Revealed Following The Public Launching Sale On Opensea, The Original P2p NFT Marketplace And The Largest One Too. After Minting, You Can View Your NFT On Opensea Or In Your Wallet.

Royalties present An Excellent Opportunity For bettering the community and team by Tapping Into Profits From Secondary Sales. Our Royalty Percentage Amounts To 7.5%.

For The Latest Information On Giveaways, Artist Drops And To Engage In Conversations About The Collection, Follow Us On Discord, Twitter And Instagram.

The group drew inspiration from the project's parent company, Titans Holding, an energy and security firm with a number of major subsidiaries. Ti-Tech, a tech-focused subsidiary of Titans, specializes in crypto mining and NFTs. Together they inspired the team to imagine a rich sci-fi world full of planets, advanced technologies, alluring energy spikes, and a legion of panther characters. Panthers are powerful, mysterious creatures, and in the Legion X universe, they join forces on an epic mission to harness ETH energy.

The art was generatively created by Ti-Tech, but individually checked and reviewed by the team to ensure the quality and unique brilliance of each token.